G-Spot Tickler Sensual Glass Dildo

lovehoney-g-spot-ticklerG-Spot Tickler (£15)

A sensual glass dildo from LoveHoney that has a curved shaft for easy probing of your g-spot! It is firm and sleek shaft invites you to coat it in lashings of lubricant, while its curved tip will allow you to guide it right to the spot you need!

Can also make a great sensual massager either to use yourself or with a partner.

Tracey Cox Glass Dildo Set

tracey-cox-glass-dildoTracey Cox Glass Dildo Set (£34.99)

This two dildo set comprises two of the most beautiful and innovative glass dildos ever made.  The pink 7 1/4″ dildo is a simply stunning work of art.  The slim shaft gradually tapers to a double bulbed head at one end, and a more gently curved head at the other.  Whatever your level of experience of ambitions you will be able to hit the right spot and more with this toy!  Meanwhile, the clear glass dildo is over 8 inches in length and has an advanced S-shape with several bulbs running along its shaft, as well as at either end.  For the adventurous, try using the clear dildo for g-spot fun while teasing your ass with the beautiful pink dildo!

Fifty Shades of Grey Drive Me Crazy Glass Wand

fifty shades wandFifty Shades Glass Wand (£27)

Approved by no less than author E L James, this beautiful glass wand g-spot dildo has been inspired by the famous erotic novel and will send you into similar states of sexual pleasure.

Each side of the glass dildo has a different texture and shaped surface, meaning double the pleasure.

This is a beautiful and unique glass sex toy that is extremely versatile, as well as suitable for both beginners and advanced users.

Spartacus 8 Inch Realistic Glass Dildo

spartacusSpartacus 8 Inch Dildo (£44)

A beautiful solid glass dildo exquisitely designed in the manner of an impressive and thickly veined penis.

This is the most gorgeous and realistic glass dildo that we’ve seen.  I never thought that a penis could become a work of art!

The Spartacus has astonishing detail runing along its shaft and penis head.  At just under 8″, this is a glass dildo that you simply must experience!

Luxotiq Classic Glass Dildo

luxotiqLuxotiq Classic Glass Dildo (£54.99)

An exquisitely tapered glass dildo that will hit the right spots in wave after wave of orgasmic joy.

With plenty of lube, you won’t believe how smooth and slippery this 8 inches of glass love can be!

Delivered to you next day in a padded gift box, this is sheer luxury at an affordable price!

Aveline Ceramic Dildo

AvelineLovemoiselle Aveline Ceramic Dildo (£34.99)

For experienced glass dildo fans looking for something a little different, why not try this beautiful glazed ceramic dildo from Lovemoiselle?  The ceramic used to make this dildo has underwent a special manufacturing process to make it strong, durable, and safe.

Like a glass dildo, this painted ceramic dildo is easy to heat up and cool down, and warms to the temperature of the body while in use.

The ceramic material has been glazed, will not cause any friction, and is very easy to clean.

Comes complete with instruction manual and beautiful presentation box.

Love Labs Ribbed Glass Prober

Love Labs Glass ProberLove Labs Ribbed Glass Prober (£19.99)

Glass dildos are generally seen as luxury sex toys, but this Love Labs Ribbed Glass Prober will suite even the most cash conscious shopper.  For less than £20 you can enjoy this stylishly curved and ribbed glass sex toy.  Easy to heat up or to cool down.

Knight Pacifier Smooth Glass Dildo

Smooth Glass DildoKnight Pacifier Smooth Glass Dildo – £16.99

A super sleek glass dildo that is simple, elegant, and unintimidating.  An inviting rounded head combines with a gently curving shaft.  You won’t have any trouble hitting the right spot with this sex toy.  Built with extra-toughened ultra-durable glass, this dildo is 100% safe to use and should last you a lifetime.

Glass Saphire Waterfall Dildo

Glass Waterfall DildoGlass Saphire Waterfall Dildo – £24.95

Another glass dildo that will not only drive you to an unbelievable intensity of sexual pleasure, but is a gorgeous work of art in itself.  Consisting of rainbow swirls, the ripples are designed to slowly one by one send you to another level of orgasmic delight.  You can use this vaginally or anally.  Made from non-porous glass, so you can heat it up or cool it down in water before play, as you wish.

This dildo has recieved some of the best reviews across the internet for any glass dildo.  Reccomended.

Icicles Twister Glass Dildo

Icicles Twister Glass DildoIcicles Twister Glass Dildo – £29.99

Great looking and intensely pleasurable, the Icicles hand blown glass dildo is uniquely designed and will give you a sensation that even experienced sex toy users will be thrilled by.  Made of toughened, non-porous glass that is easy to clean and sterilize after fun.  A stunningly crafted glass dildo that is as good as it looks.